What about hydrogen?

Electric vehicle naysayers sometimes get very agitated about hydrogen. I’ve got nothing against the technology, but I find it hard to get excited about something that’s both expensive and complex to build and expensive and complex to operate.Here’s a video of Toyota Mirai production for your contemplation: Me, I prefer simplicity.

Battery wiring, or: how to destroy an inverter

Damien over at had some fun recently with an “indestructible” Toyota Prius inverter. Although the problem turned out to be something entirely different (zero dead time! 😳), his investigations showed how important it is to carefully consider the current path between the battery, the inverter and the DC bus capacitor. Basically: And make sure …

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Classic electric bike

This month’s Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Club magazine has an article on an electric motorcycle from 1942. It was built in Belgium as a response to petrol rationing, with a production run of 500. Performance was rather “modest”, but I still love it! 🏍 ⚡️